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Honorary Consulate of Mauritius in Athens

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Mrs Helen Vassos

Honorary Consul ((07.03.19))

Consulate Address

Filellinon 25,

10557, Athens,


Tel:(+30) 210 324 6257

Fax:(+30) 210 322 6388 & (+30) 210 324 9152

Email: consulate@airmauritius.gr


Message from the Honorary Consul

Whatever your interests may be in Mauritius - information, tourism, or business, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Official website of the Consulate of the Republic of Mauritius in the Hellenic Republic.

The Honorary Consulate was opened in November 1992 with the purpose of providing consular assistance to the Mauritian community in Greece, as well as the promotion of tourism, trade and cultural interests between Mauritius and the Hellenic Republic.

The Consulate works closely with the Hellenic Governmentand trade institutions foster bilateral economic co-operation,investment possibilities and financial services in Mauritius.

This site will provide you with the relevant links to access information passport and visa information for Mauritians citizens and visitors to Mauritius as well as links to entities in Mauritius providing information on the prevailing business and investment climate.

Thank you for visiting our website and we encourage you to contact us should you have any suggestions or comments.

Helen Vassos

Honorary Consul of Mauritius


Mauritius - Greece

The Consulate

Mauritius is being represented in Greece since 1992.

Diplomatic Relations

Economic and Technological Cooperation Agreement (Port Louis, 1 November 1995). Ratified by Law 2473/1997, GG 55A/18.4.1997.

Tourism Cooperation Agreement (Port Louis, 17 June 2002. Ratified by Law 3134/2003, GG 87A/14.4.2003.

Mauritius collaborates with Greece on a bilateral level, as well as within the framework of international organizations. In 2008, Greek exports to Mauritius came to $299,203, while imports from Mauritius came to $3.040 million. Additionally, increasing numbers of Greeks are choosing Mauritius as a holiday destination.

There is a small but dynamic Mauritian Community in living and working in the Hellenic Republic.

Consular Services

The services of the Consulate of Mauritius in Athens include:

  • Assistance to the Mauritian Community of Greece

  • Promotion of social, cultural and scientific cooperation between Mauritius and Greece

  • Promotion of trade and investment opportunities as well as tourism between Mauritius and Greece

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